Greetings from the company representative

草薙 桂太

代表取締役 草薙 桂太

These days, with the economic depression and employment instability, I have been keeping asking myself - what can we do?

As Radish Solution provides services based on two main pillars; network installation and maintenance experiences obtained over 15 years ago and our human resource services department launched with an aim to leverage human resources, I started strongly feeling the importance of social contribution and the need for the next generation energy.

We have officially launched the solar power systems implementation department in 2009 and now a range of domestic and international systems implementation are supported. Our craftsmanship approach that sticks to quality rather than quantity, and our heartfelt job that values communications with customers are something we are proud of.

Also, after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, more people in Japan became interested in natural energy and we started receiving implementation orders for from residential roofs to commercial roofs, as well as for mega solar power systems that utilizes fallow land.

With the human resource services department, more demands are made for specialized services, such as environmental survey, preparations, and chemical analysis of collected samples, and chemical data processing and management. We secure many human resources with science master’s and doctoral degrees and dispatch the right resources like bio-, marine and radiation engineers to right place on a project basis.

As a reflection of this trend, now I reached to the conclusion that what a company must seek for is not the answer of “what can we do?” but “what is demanded of us?”

That is the matters related to global environment, medical field, and being engaged in global-wide system development. They are something that can contribute to society and from this perspective I reaffirm this is the answer that we will have been seeking for life.

We have been engaged in our business activities every day, looking for what is demanded, wishing to make the company valuable to everyone and a place where every employee can achieve their full potential.

CEO Keita Kusanagi