Telecommunication Implementation Work

With their extensive experiences, Radish Solution provides safe implementation services centered on network implementation, including networking for general hospitals, LAN installation for resort hotel chains based in Japan, and internet installation for apartment complexes. They also flexibly respond to individual requests, such as telephone and LAN-related relocation construction due to an office relocation, and installation of security cameras for shops. Since their services cover all over in Japan, Radish Solution can also respond to customers operating chain stores and franchise stores.



Major implementations

■ Network installation for business hotels
■ Network installation for a general hospitals
■ Network installation for apartment complexes
■ Network installation due to office relocations
■ Common antennal installation/ terrestrial digital broadcasts facility installation
■ PBX installations
■ Antenna installation and construction works for mobile carriers
■ Interior construction/ interior finishing work
■ Installation of security cameras                and others